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We offer a bespoke training programme providing a comprehensive understanding of research methods and how these are applied in an agency setting as well as practical information to help you work within our diversely rich organisation.

Our graduate Development Pathway consists of four elements:

The Graduate Development Pathway will teach you everything you need to know about research. Among other topics, you'll quickly establish skills in Report Writing, Sampling, Questionnaire Design, Scanning, Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research. The Graduate Development Pathway also offers sessions on developing the ‘business essential’ skills necessary for your career.

The MRS Advanced Certificate, which Ipsos MORI will fund, will give you a recognised industry qualification in Market and Social Research Practice.

The Graduate Learning Passport will support and document your progress through the two year scheme, allowing you to be in control of your development and opportunities to learn.

As well as this you will have on-the-job learning and access to other training opportunities that happen throughout the company such as Project Management, Business Writing and Presentation Skills, as well as more advanced topics like Relationship Building Skills, Creativity in the Workplace and Assertiveness.

And, as soon as you're ready to take on management responsibilities, we will support you through our Management Development Programme, which provides a solid foundation in all aspects of management.